Dear alexandria!
Hey gurl! Will, Will G from australis. Here 0 tear (your not) =p
What are you up to Alexandria. How is your luck. Have you heard of might. Read this in your bed at night.
You know i am sagitarius.
There is this doll, in the island off of the west of europe, called Beatrice. you know she found out about my might
, i connected our legs together to do something. and she went after all my might to get big rump legs.
The connecting of our legs was supposed to be a sign of something 9unity) but what she did was rape me for all the value
of might. might has lots of value Alexandria. I know cleopatra. Have a tomb in Egypt.
So yeah, she’s not very good. did you know. She was attacked in a dream with me when we were kids, by the Bransons (I ate
what the americans called bran after the dream) and she is friends with them on facebook. You should tell her about this
alexandr.i.a! She is worthless.
Alexandria, I am at a river typing this, in Kempsey, NTW (formerly Nathan S William). it is so good here.
The fibrous (forgot what it was) i asked a bowra and they said carbon because that’s what they Do! Was pretty cool.
All around me here in nature. The grass changed. There is a batteshow going on. So yeah. Where is a pair with my stare.
My eyes hurt. Want to be in the matrix 5 with me, remember where is the pear with my stare. your eyes, pear, alexandria.
So yeah. What do you do? Waiting. patiently. Lying. Flying. Whatting. come to island for kingodm come. AuSTrLAis!
Got a new laptop recently. it’s pretty good. just a cheap one but i am typing real good with it now.
About what i wrote about beatrie, saying she is worthless. shE is THouGh! they take here worth. she is pretty fucked up.
And yeah. compromised. corrrupted. disgusted. she’s not very good. maybe they tried to turn her into a spy. i thikn they
did! THEY TRIED to turn her into a spy. no idea how. ASIO think I work for them. I don’t think I do. NO NO I WONT! SAY I DO!
can’t marry Alexandria. always wanted a girl (or 30!) but i wont marry. Want to do my helicopter training as soon as i can.
would be real good ,I flew helicopters in video game simulations. Pretty fun. Maybe the gruls of sagitarius in the MATRiX
5 if I do it, if they are good to me, if it is first sim, matrix sim, second simulation, bi-sims, asio simulation. JAx!
Geo dAcYfA! Hey geo! Geo is Geo! Hey greys hey greys!..!
Will type soon, going to get internet. C
Cya soon. with my keys on my screen soon as in phone me! won day, maybea, if i see the c in my moon that they can’t kill me
with if I cry with my toon.
the next day
hey again
saw the geese lol i know you! you probably havve them too in luxembourg. they were alright, good to see them here, they
were at the river, then i met this nice russian girl after going to the pub near the shops.
the thais are after me, trying to steal my attributes off of me, its not just all magic, but what would i call it,
on my background on windows login screen it has a river in a big creverse with some walking bridges. reminds me of that.
maybe we could go there, and walk across it with first a ritual or 3, then some magic or us, then discover something new.
I already have plans for the lower part of . lol. lollercopters? yeah, new luxembourg in australia with lollerccopters.
luxan is real good.
i go bacck to brisbane in a few days,, supposed to meet asio soon at the club here at kempsey. my favourite backetball player
was named??? who AM I1 william1
so yeah, what shall we do. when we meet. luck from your wrists to my elbows with your hips. I can feel it now but my hips
are better then most girls so yah,,, must be the hip hop we got lotts and we dont stop until the tip top hits a new bop!
i want to go fight in martial arts, back to brisbane so might go to a club there..
want to meet you so bad alexandria! how is mummy? hype all is luxembourg.
cya soon i hype. write soon 2.
hey, another day.
I am getting on a train soon. Trying to write letters to the royals about some things.
I suppose I can tell you about this, should be ok. Was going to others but will speak to you about this.
I went back in eternity, I was going to get kidnapped in eternity and went back and stopped it.
talk soon to hard to use computer. cya soon. and I am william

alexandria as I faze into your gaze that starts with your eyes and your wild
will you stance with me on the footsteps of a castle in the eyes
of our hands held together hips and thighs
with your magic you know you are wise

alexandria could we equip a castle together at once trumpet trump
take advantage of all americans and dump their thump with a torpedo bump tip top hip hop
hop your hips tonight in the wild of the luxembourg child
would you find some more magic for me in the alexandria wild

alexandria and will in miracle world on top of the cities with a feather and a card
what is your card young girl stay young 4 2 me if you see simply dont believe death believe something definetively will
if i take a pill in the matrix that you know all about
what is it that you will take home with your tip top tout
where is my spout i want iced tea from a marble vase hat vans no cans only nathecan hyper best
putting your magic becides you in your eyes as a test
what will i say i say that war was from the bettersans as the feast
if i say at least just one more time i might cry
but if i do not have my fly wire file would you sing back to me over a wire
i have a phone tomorrow i just might call you up
would your hotel let me smoke inside and mess it all about greenup wup
wup me alexandria if your closer and glad that you got out
but i wont want anything more but to see you queen of new luxembourg in the state of australis from nathecan williaw the greetings
test best test my commputers with my keys
but who were they to test the messiah no duty responsibility for me at ease

Hey Alexandra, hype you get this, I am wearing a red hat too! Would like you to see it, cya!.

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