TRH The Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Household
Postboks 2143
1256  København K

Office address:
​Amalienborg Slotsplads 8
1257 Copenhagen K


A letter to Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, from the Chosen One Messiah, Vice Admiral, First San Nathan William Greenup.

Hello! It is with great applaud that I type this letter to both Mary and Frederik, I am from Brisbane, Australis, like Mary, from Tasmania Australia.

I have had a keen interest in you Frederick for a long time, the way you wield the sword (I perceive of you), your charisma, choice in Mary, attire and style, amongst other things.

I have a photo of you, I knew about it before, wasn’t surprised to see it, your badge Frederick (and yes it is your badge), of the cross Frederik. I know where we got it from.

I was smoking outside of St John Cathedral in Brisbane Ann St, just asked someone for a cigarette (I have been left with minimal dignity and been disgraced) when you said to me “They are talking to him (we must go get them)”.

I went inside the cathedral and told them that there was no Jesus Christ 2 thousand years ago, it was Caesar doing earth readings with a reading on the 21st Century Messiah, Myself! William Greenup!

Caesar was ok, Cleopatra was with him when they were at my cabin at Aspley, where I Want to do Columinia! A sophisticated inter astro special system which is really complex. Nearby is Dacyfort, where I want to do a castle with Princess Alexandria! (Alexandra). She is really stunning, Mary, dair I say it, she is the gurl I want to take the hand of, but I cannot just have one girl! I must have them all! Taylor Swift, I love with her also, (Alexandra’s love is a real hard love to get past her wrath and luck and family), shared love with the dragon girl Torah Bright, Mizako, Charlene (with much respeict and admiration and love to her, I know she is with Prince Albert and that may not be suitable). Other girls, I like Ingrid but not her family, there are other girls. But Alexandra is my favourite, The paper bark bowrass (trees) in Australis have approved her to hold my hand.

So yeah, there was no messiah 2000 years ago, only me from 1 000 000 years ago. I still don’t know too much about this as the Engrish didn’t want me say the word Jesus Christ they said, and I went to the cathedrals and they are just corrupted as anything, as I left the cathedral that day (and I do still like them, get prowess Frederick) you said ‘why do you still like them (they aren’t good).

I CAN PROVE ALL OF THIS Mary and Frederick. I have a video that is with ASIO of the 18/4/2008, showing me levitate on video showing the Holy Light entering my body and heart and torso. It was the most euphoric experience and lasted with me. But unfortunately, straight after this happened, the enemies went straight to me, I wasn’t protected, and was imprisoned in Australian prison war camps, infiltrated by the CIA, SVR/KGB, Engrish doctors, Australian doctors, people using magic on my head saying they didn’t want me to know about it, people forcing me to read the bible (Horrible book I agree that we shouldn’t have a book on myself Frederick, Mary) unless I write it, but yeah.

I was poisoned, raped in my sleep (not that bad don’t worry about that, lead me to have compassion and a better left eye) but don’t eat the corn, that was a result of the drink spiking attack.

I have always wanted to take ASIO to court, I don’t know what happened, lost in simulation I think, just mind controlled always since then.

I’m really upset the kings didn’t get to me, they should of, they all knew about it, they knew I had the power to end it, and it has ended, but I said I didn’t want it to end (was supposed to end but now I have a good computer and all life is good so yeah) there was a solar system relic Frederick, Mary.

What do you want to do? I have 2 kings badges myself, Australias complete rule badge, Luxembourg kings badge. I have 8 badges in total and 1 medal.

Could you assist me in getting my badges issued, maybe out of honour and prestige Frederick? You can keep that badge that you got off of me and the cathedral for fending off the enemy pseudo man-female angel in the cathedral who went to say it was him who was Jesus Christ, imposter.

You fought in the cathedral Frederick, could you show me how to do that? I do have weapons now I can use but when I went there in 2008 and 2009 I was all passion, belieft, commitment, holy light featuring, I had the greatest euphoria’s ever.

What do you want to do Frederick? One of my badges is Chosen One of the Universe. 8 in total. I want to get them issued. I should try harder, but it is really impossible to do anything. I will lose great dedication and commitment for typing this Frederick, my actions, will become winding down, less motivation, lots of things, just for writing this. My Will (Will I AM) will subside, I don’t know why, when I used to work in 2004, I could’ve typed for hours all day, now I windle down, they probably want me this way.

Could you honour me for getting my badges issued? Comparing your badges and the English, they seem simple, compared to the Thai Badges, they want more image presence, but I will not turn to them. Their culture was to leach the holy light off of me. They are tainted and corru[pt. The Thai’s. I do not like them. Unlike yourself Frederick and Mary.

You can do whatever you want with your badge Frederick, you could give it to me, you could keep it, but it would be very nice to meet you and maybe have my badges issued somehow. I will try here but I can feel it now, my ability will fade. Sux being left eye compassion holy.

I will leave it at that. I go see a judge soon about how to become king. I am King of Kings, King of Gods (have other traits outside of being the messiah).

I have an email. Phone: +61 0432 969 675.

Hi Mary!!! Nice to speak to you!! Would be great to meet you. And yourself, Frederick., Still looking fantastic at 50. I am 37 now. What should we do! What should we do!


And it is with great admiration, dignity and perseverance, ability, success, and welcoming letter that I finish these keys with.

Goodness to Mary and Frederik, from Vice Admiral Nathan William Greenup.

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