I need money to buy a car, clothes, and pay for a hotel. I recently bought a computer and it is really good. Best computer in the world.

My Account # is 0066 3170 – BSB: 064 116.

I need $20 000AU to go to court and get proof from my file issued by ASIO. I have proof that I am the messiah, I have crowns, badges and magic. Still have to find one of my crowns in the flesh. Have seen it but always sabotaged.

If someone could do this for me, would be good. Maybe Luxembourg – I am your KING. Sweeden – I am your KING. Australis – I am your KING. Argentina, etc.

If you do, I will sit and eat with you on many occassions.

Thank you. William Greenup, Chosen One of the Universe.

Oh, and Prince Frederik of Denmark has one of my badges that he got after attempted false and bad honour from angels at the Cathedral in Ann St Brisbane. Have a look, he said it was mine, but I’m not sure I want to take it off of him. I have other badges.

Cya’s, Will G.

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