To the attorney-general of Queensland.

I am William Greenup and am writing in an attempt for the attorney-general of Queensland to host an inquest into my scenario with QLD Health. QLD Police, ASIO, the Australian Army, the Australian Navy, SVR, MSS, CIA, MI5.

Please read all of this letter, the sovereignty of Australia is being contested with my scenario.

This is of the upmost importance, my life has been targeted by these people, groups and agencies since I was young and in school. I want the truth revealed, obtain my file from ASIO who recorded all of this, to receive my badges, titles and to find one of my crowns, and to go forward with Kings Earth Queensland on my island of Australis.

I have criminal charges in the Magistrates Court scheduled for the 22nd of May 2022. I want this to be an impartial court, I want all relating information and surveillance regarding my scenario with ASIO to be released and revealed to the courts.

I have complaints about the Russian and English spies who have infiltrated Prince Charles hospital mental health unit. There are a disproportionate amount of English spy nurses there. They use magic on the ward and manipulate culture for government and church agenda. They connect their eye glasses to computers and manipulate people using spy and agent tactics. They wear English military issued shoes. When sleeping at night, they use magic on their torches and read people when they sleep. They conduct experiments on myself in my sleep. The English navy have infiltrated this ward, they have been using predatory magic on me that I can see, in an attempt to take my life, magic, energies, brain and body. It has been a herendous experience to be there. The pain I have endured in Prince Charles hospital due to the English navy, military and spies is beyond your comprehension. As I am writing this the fake English military vice admiral John Mead who infiltrated the Australian Navy is trying to hack this computer I am on.

The English military has the doctors. This goes back to WW2 when they used nurses and doctors on the patients in rituals and with magic, linked, to take honour from this country and to take the brains and bodies of people in the wars.

When I was growing up, I was raped by an English doctor spy in my sleep via drink spiking. They put the person acting as my father, the army man, army spy, on scripts, he wasn’t really aware, and he raped me in my sleep. My life changed after this, I went from being good at sports and school, then got into BMX, Punk music, hip hop music, and smoked cannabis daily. I have come out of this really well.

I also want to appeal the decision made by the mental health courts recently made. I reached my title of Vice Admiral in 2020 at the Everton Park Hotel/Motel. Upon making this statement in court I was told by the crown prosecutor that I was delusional and was muted throughout the hearing. When I reached my title of Vice Admiral, ASIO were there, 8 of them, and 4 Navy Sailors. This can and will be proven in court and I want the Attorney-General to investigate.

Mental wards are like prison war camps. They are infiltrated by foreign spies, and currently they have bad agenda against me. I am poisoned daily. The images on the walls in the psych ward are linked to computers, chemicals, and psych ward victims. Any information given to the psychiatrists about the alleged condition I suffer from has been 100% accurate. I was drink spiked. I was offered a job and approached by ASIO. I have spy interactions everywhere. I have electronic implants in my brain. Some good some bad. ASIO have implanted me, I can hear them, I can feel them, I saw when they implanted me.

I had dental surgery on me when I was a kid at the dental hospital in Herston. I want the attorney-general to investigate this. Find my file, find the people who implanted me then, and for the files to be released from whoever implanted me. They are likely linked to the government but were likely spies who had knowledge about me. I remember when they went to implant me. They said that it would be like bee stings. It hurt a great deal. Then I remember later the army trying to remove the implants. I am linked to other worlds. Spies can be linked to other worlds too. They may not be in this world, but they used their spy ability to come through and implant me. I need redemption.

There is also the fact that I am vice-admiral, and the English knew that as Vice-Admiral, I could work with the Vice-Regal, the Governor, and become king. I told them this. The Governor came from England, the Governor that I had. The flag is mine. The badges are mine. I can be crowned king, it just needs to be feasible. I don’t have many choices being locked mental wards and mind controlled every day. The English, used their fake Vice-Admiral, I am the only legitimate vice-admiral in the world, and schemed the NSW Governor, with Margaret Beazley. She was named this as I had readings with Beatrice of York, and my name on the computer is slydacyfa. Beatrice-Sly. Then they setup a fake take over of the country. I have seen their forts. The fake flag. They are here. They may have governor control over the country. They likely do. Even if the main part of this letter doesn’t interest the attorney-general, the fact that the government and country and sovereignty of Australia has been taken over by the English might give a bit of an impression on everyone. I am the only way. I am the legitimate Vice-Admiral with links to the Governor of England. I was destined to become king here, everywhere, England, Australia, NZ, Luxembourg, Sweeden, Argentina, elsewhere. I have 3 kings badges. I am the only way. Please investigate this to get my inquest and ASIO file, information about foreign goverments in court, a proper investigation. I think I deserve this as William Greenup, Vice-Admiral of Australis. It will be to your individual even detriment, if you are still aware, to fail to act on this. Your Choice, but that is 99.9% limited now considering what happened.

I was raised with Russian people. George Tokmakov, Olga Tokmakov, Fedor Tokmakov. They may know some things about this. They live on Osborne Road Mitchelton, Brisbane. The army put a centre right across the road from where they used to live. They said they weren’t spies, but likely had spy or government interaction from where they come from, in Russia. I spent a lot of time with them. They came to Australia with the purpose of being very very close to me. They would know some things about this. They implanted me in my sleep one night as well. At the bottom of my skull, so they could read me and find out what I was doing.

I have already started World War 3. I did this at Canberra about 12 or so months ago. I projected into Indonesia, and we bombed them. Stupid army wanted to bomb them under their beds when  there was a dream as well. That’s why the drug smugglers from Australia in Indonesia are caught up in dreams stuck there. For Indonesian agenda, saying if we get them in a dream, they are stuck, it’s the Indonesian dream.

I am well connected to the ADF. I got the American Army and CIA in a simulating video game. Simulations are real. Everything someone sees is real. If you see it, it’s real. The eye is always accurate. All the magic I have seen is real. Simulation is linked to the canopy of trees, the moon, the sky, and fighter jets from the ADF. Falcon F1-11 to be precise. They wanted to do this, start a simulation. It was mainly used for war, but has other capabilities as well. I have been mind controlled by simulation for a long time, but I can’t think about it, they won’t let me think about it. I am connected to bad devices linked to simulation, magic, rituals, readings, and this brings me down. That’s why when my criminal matter goes to court, I will be contesting the charges of trespass as I was simulated mind controlled to do these acts so ASIO could lock me up in mental wards or jail. This is fact and reality. I see them drive pass. I see them on the streets. They have approached me in the casino in 2008 and offered me a job I declined and said I would rather get into policy. Just what I was doing at the time, didn’t have an interest in security of what I perceived back then.

So ASIO mind controlled me to do the trespass, through simulation. I am the first to simulate, I did know a fair bit about it but can’t remember back to it. England think it’s just magic, it’s not England. CIA like doing video’s, games and movie linked to it, the Australian Army did it for war. Simulation came out in 1994, when I was at Lloyd St Enoggera, the same road that connects to the boomgates of the Enoggera army base. I was there in the living room, there was a model of a Falcon F1-11 there, and the magic came out, as I had everything on Earth. As King, it hasn’t been done before, as King, this was possible. I am Chosen One of the Universe, I even have the stars. The Southern Cross is linked to my badge of King of Australis, it went to King of England as well. There are more than one cross’ in the sky. I have seen up to 4 or 5 crosses resembling what’s on the flag in the sky. They did the simulation and simulated most wars. It’s what they do primarily these days. It has evolved to computers, tv’s, buses, lights, advertising, fashion, it’s pretty much everywhere. The TV has become slave TV, people on it are tortured many many times everytime someone see’s it as ASIO lost TV integrity. ASIO had more of the TV then the army did.

In the 1980’s, ASIO were kidnapping children and taking them to foster care torture on many, many children maybe all of them. I knew about this. They tried to do it to me, but I went back and stopped them. I became GOD this way. I am chosen one messiah Jesus Christ. I had a film put there by the person saying she was caring for me showing her in a bedsheet after she was attacked by the spies, and I was there saying things would be alright. There were 3 ASIO spies, all linked to the radio, in a radio dimension. They looked like ritualists who were very kooky. The radio is another dimension. ASIO invented the radio in 1961 about from putting glory of Jennifer Carey, JC for Jesus Christ, into a ritual, then made the radio from it. Jennifer Carey is by my birth certificate my mother, but I doubt this. She has it real bad now, she is homeless, sleeping in parks, destroyed basically. They want to destroy me, but if the attorney-general has integrity, this will all be investigated, my claims in this letter, and everything will be released to the public in my ASIO File.

On the 18/4/2008 I was at Springwood, there were people from other dimensions saying I was the bike path rapist, an investigation that was taking place on the Northside of Brisbane, it reached a lot of publicity on the TV and in media. This was a moment of truth. I had the lineage, suffering, and truth and I was in a holy dream. I wrote some very powerful poetry and this resulted in myself, Nathan William Greenup, chosen one messiah, levitating on video showing the magic of the holy light enter my body. ASIO told me they recorded this. I can prove I am the Messiah. It’s on video. I will show everyone. I just need my ASIO file to release this to me, and I will take it everywhere and show it on TV. This is reality. The biggest event of anywhere anytime. I am the Messiah. As the Messiah, there is no other way. As Vice-Admiral, I am the only way for Australia/Australis.

I had proof about the Kidnapping, it was on film, but was stolen off of me by spies at Annerley Motor Inn, Annerley. MSS are running that place now. They all know about this. All the spies know about this. Ask the CIA, MSS, SVR, ASIO, Mi5, any of them, they will all say this is fact in court.

So where do we stand Australia? Turning your back on the messiah, enslaving me, has come back to get you. There is no sovereignty in Australia anymore. We are run by the English now. But I am King, Vice Admiral, having the Governor and Vice-Regal. Prince William, In England, is me also, we are linked, I was told that I was him. Is this fact, I can’t say. But we are linked.

I want an inquest done immediately on this. For everyone to be interviewed, myself included, I want an ASIO interview, and will try not to put them off in the interview, but this has to be revealed. If you want to survive Australia, I am the only way, you have gone against me for a long time, no friends, no family, raped, imprisoned, drugged, poisoned, ridiculed, tortured, tormented, it has come back to you Australia. I am the only way – where do you stand Attorney-General? Are you a way for Australia’s sovereignty? Or are you just a stupid Government Organisation, who wants to have control and ownership over people, and only investigate what they want. Everything I have written is reality. If this is our reality, as me being the top of this country, As King, Vice-Admiral, Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ, and you are all involved in it, then it should be investigated shouldn’t it. I think you will Attorney-General, if you can. You are at 1 William St BNE City. I am called by my middle name William. I think you will now, when typing this, we will see Australia. My time, or you won’t have time at all.

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