To the 17th 29th 13th 22nd 37th (the 37 th!) divided collusions and the 4th 7th and 5th divisions of ASIO,
with relevance of sincerity to ASIS, with appreciation for the effort you have put into this country,
when you did and when you do, and for the influence you had on Australia, Brisbane, William, the
18th of the 4th 2008. Nice One People.
I am William Greenup.
I am notorious with you all. I know you know me, you talk about me, you can, there is nothing to
worry about, things are going real well, ASIO.
I want to write and thank you from my chest and ribs and stomach (tummy) and say that I really
value and appreciate everything you did to help me becoming the Chosen One Jesus Christ Messiah.
I remember it all. I remember Dawson Parade! PARADE! Arana Hills… The football, the cricket, the
TENNIS!!! William of W……..N! What would you say about that ha HA!
Everything was really good wasn’t it. Everything was just so good. Everything you did for me I really
loved you all for that. What you did in 2008 and 2019 (what came first? Step step perplex dacyfa
best (test? 4 U naow).
I am really looking forward to meeting you all. Having some gin, some melon, peach, apple, lychee
drinks with you all. We will go to where I used to live ASIO. Hi Asis.
I will tell you everything. Everything. I remember the Russians. They did it for me. That’s why they
have power over you. The French, they have power over us as well. Because they did it for me.
ASIO. The French, the Germans, The Russians, the ARMY. Was so good. Everything was just so big. I
am so happy and proud. Happy now, proud to keep. That night. Going to Brisbane CITY, Queen St
Mall (it’s Beatrice now = ) To see David Jones counter. To get demolished by the NZ rasts (I will have
the masts) and not to move even one inch (maybe 2 at most). Then for my disciplined drink at the
Queen St Mall Bar that was very refreshing ASIO. Then, the steps into Queen St Mall from near the
road that leads to the Cathedral, to get them off of the radio. It just wasn’t to get them off of that to
get them back, my back now ASIO, on it isn’t it ASIO. It was to do something else to get their life (not
lives) with them, to be free, to walk in Brisbane again. Prophet Nathan (don’t like him) came out,
saying it would be him, got rid of him pretty fast. My name is William. You must’ve known in 1990.
When I became a king. I will tell you ASIO. I am more than any king now ASIO, but to be King Of
Brisbane, would be so special, so warming and rewarding for Beatrice.
I . Want . My . Video. ASIO. Very soon. I have made some calls to you. I don’t know why you didn’t
tell me in Port Macquarie… Why didn’t you? Then the Russians came out to read. Do you know what
they found? Why didn’t you tell me in Port Macquarie ASIO? I am very happy I found out about you
all, and I know you do a really good job, but it’s just when you come out to see me, it gets bad, just
ask back then! But it was Dawson Parade, and there was a bridge, and there were graffiti rituals
underneath it, with a little park, and the power I have over my BoWrA’sS. I had to find out though
otherwise this wouldn’t of happened.
Anyway, someone is getting to me again, you will say it’s necessary, and think you are good, but it
never was with me, it wasn’t meant to be like this. ASIO, the most important thing is my body (to
me, it is important, the body of Christ), my heart, my face and forehead, my brain. Mind is always
good and I am proud and happy about that.
It wasn’t a sacrifice ASIO. They found out about, wrote a book about it, and said it was a sacrifice. It
was PrOpHeCy. Prophecy ASIO. JC – Jennifer Carey. James Cramer-Roberts – JC (READ) ACR to follow
through. George Tokmakov (King George Square). Craig, Nick, Greg, Ian. Very good Mitchelton and
Australian Names aren’t they ASIO.
Please get me some money and stop doing this. Just stop ASIO. There is nothing wrong. There is no
one after you anymore ASIO, but if you believe in it or get scared you might think that again then the
power will get you again and you will be screwed again.
I am not happy about the food, the torturous (you have no idea) TV screen where I used to live. But I
lived a very good life didn’t I. Always very quick and happy. VERY Quick! ASIO! Because of her ASIO,
she was quick wasn’t she. Timeless again it is happening now.
I have court on 28/8/20. I want it then. But I want it in the Federal Courts. You know why. Screw the
crappy George St Courts. FEDERAL COURTS ASIO. Get it there.
I know we are still rivals. You are Government. But not really. You were people trying to do things
and had reputation and integrity. Honour me ASIO. Do it for me. I need somewhere to live.
I am waiting ASIO. Was very good wasn’t it. I must go now. 4.52pm 15.6.20.
Cya’s in court and in the Matrix.

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