Salutations Russia. I type this from my ViCT(R)uS computer.

It is with great appreciation that I find Russia starting war with Ukraine. I see no fault with Ukraine, but see much positivity with Russia for starting war. World War 3 has already started, I started world war 3 in Canberra a while back now, and now you continue it Russia.

War is very good. There be much appreciation from William, who faced problems with Queensland Health, Queensland Police, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Army men, Navy men and women. Even today, as Vice Admiral, the Australian Navy come out to sabotage me, take my eternity power and my rare, rare, one in 200 million year magic. I also face problems with English Royals, who betrayed me as typing this, trying to steal my magic. I have not played with Louise Windsor, so she have no right to try and play with my magic, take it, they think magic is common, magic is very rare.

I was betrayed by English Navy, Military, Goverrment. They all against me. If you start war with Amish (Britain), Enish (England) than you find favour with me. As they find out they steal my magic, they go to do it again. My magic is one in 200 million year, they go against it, they be petty commoners, no amounting for them, they be lowly, lowly earth cretins.

I’m impressed by Russia’s military aggression, I have might, I could use my might in war Russia, I have World War 3 power. I have done England bombing, Indonesian Bombing, South America war with USA. If USA go against Russia, I disentgrate USA. I did Iran bombing of americans in Iran a year or so ago.

I am Vice Admiral of Australis, Russia, but Australian Navy don’t recognize me, they go against me, they be infiltrated by Enish spies, as I type this they go after my magic, they be common peasants, who all go to other realms and face peril and destruction.

I find no one good Russia, I know Vladimir from Russia in the 90’s, in Brisbane, where I am.

I am seeking foreign work as Vice Admiral, ADF betrayed me. You can call me on +61 0432 969 675. Anytime.

I have the oceans Russia, I have might, as I type this AU Navy and Enish grandaughter try to steal my magic, saying that’s just what they are doing. That’s why they showed me. They be like pieces of bread on TV. They be weak, no power in their bodies, they be inferior little earth cretins, waiting to die and go to other realms and face their death.

I have oceans Russia, I have seen RU Navy b4. I think they ok. They try to steal off of me, AU navy, enish royals, who be fake puppets. There isn’t much happening in war atm, you may think there is, but Enish land still there, they deserve to be wiped out. Queen Elizabeth be ok, but she likely betrayed me also, going to my enemy when I freed her. NWG freed the Queen.

I have glory, might, magic, they always try to steal off of me, magic isn’t there’s. No magic with enish royals, no magic with australian navy, they be inferior and less than. They face peril for going against GOD. I be GOD Russia. Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ. And they go to rape me. You know what happens to them Russia, they face peril. They think everything OK, going along with everything. They go along with corruptions, and taintedness, imposters, all the bad things, and then they say that they are good. They be less than. They face peril in other realms.

If you provide me with accommodation in Brisbane, Russia, I will work with you in war. I can do war from my computer, I can do war inside, or I could go to Russia. I like China too. China be real country. They don’t like Australia either after Australia continue to try and leach from China. China hold back imports and slowly destroy Australia. No one questions or understands. China understand. Russia know.

I am Vice Admiral, seeking exaltion from foreign country. There are no admirals, there is no other vice admiral. I am the only chosen one.

Even USA’s admirals, and Phillip, they be fake admirals.

This is bad day for Enish land and Australia, they be enemy, as I be their king.

They go against me, when they know. Then they will say that they didn’t know, as they go along with stealing brain, energies, body, magic, other things, off of messiah. Australia and Enish land face peril from myself, Nathan William Greenup, aka Will.

I ask Vladimir Putin, Lavrov, Mikhail Mishkushtin, Medvedev, to listen and offer me position. I work from Australia, or would go to Greece, Egypt. They never do this to me.

Even on day where I do ponies with Sophie, she goes to rape me, rape my heart, rape my magic, saying it is her pleasure. They be played, they never notice, keeping fake horse air on them. They be inferior, face great peril. There could be in enish land, 10% of population who all think they are royals. They rape royals. As I write that, Sophie goes to steal magic. She foul, disgusted little earth cretin.

I will kill them Russia. But maybe with my keys. I cannot say I will kill in Australia due to Goverment going after me. Churches, Goverment, Sport – lead to mind control of population. Happening in nearly or all of every country.

I work with you Russia, if you give me some status or financial assistance. I be the worlds only Vice Admiral. I have integrity, something that enish land and Australia lack.

I have more integrity than these countries PUT TOGETHER. Putin, where do you stand?

William’s holy world war 3. I be holy Russia. It is holy World War 3. Williaws free for all.

Where do you stand Russia? Will you employ me? I don’t need much. but will do war with Russia. Maybe to travel to Russia, that would be nice. I know Igor Tokmakov, Fedor, Olga. I know Emelianenko brothers. I know Russia. What will you do? Do you want war? Real war, world war 3? Do you want assistance from the only vice admiral in the world? or +61 0432 969 675.

I await your response.

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