To the Australian Navy, ministers, navy personnel, and the Australian Public.

I am Vice Admiral Nathan William Greenup, the first and only Vice Admiral.

The ranks of Admiral or Vice Admiral, are not real ranks. The title of Vice Admiral came before any ranks of admiral or vice admiral. This title was awarded to me in 2020 at Everton Park Hotel/Motel and ASIO were present there.

Admiral or Vice Admiral is not a rank. The title of Vice Admiral was never awarded to me by hierarchy of the Government or Navy in Australia. When I reached my title of Vice Admiral, there were no Admiral’s anywhere in the world. There was an attempt to award me the title of Admiral, then the American’s went after me to sabotage me, with connections, magic, and structural tactician play. I countered the American’s, and was then awarded the title of Vice Admiral.

There were people with me, who made the title of Vice Admiral good for me. I am the first and only Vice Admiral. It is my title, and has never legitimately reached the ranks of any Navy anywhere in the world. If the first Vice Admiral, who is I, Nathan William Greenup, was never awarded the title by the Navy, and when this Vice Admiral, myself, reached the title, there were no admirals, then any person in the world who thinks they are admiral or vice admiral are simply not legitimate.

To the navy personnel of the world who have admirals or vice admirals in your ranks, you have been hoaxed. I am the first and only Vice Admiral. This is a title, not a rank. Any one claiming to be admiral or vice admiral are in that position because navy personnel at Everton Park Hotel/Motel took this hierarachial position off of me, and went to place it in their ranks, this is a sign of a corrupted navy in Australia.

The title Vice Admiral can be anything I want it to be. I did have complete linking ownership of the Australian Navy, but Navy personnel in Australia had other ideas. The fake Vice Admirals and fake Admirals got together, and decided to torture me with their stolen network abilities. I have been controlled by the AU Navy, forcibily played by them, leading to euphoria’s very similar to rape. They went after my magic, stole my honour, and tortured me badly. All this acknowledges Australia as a corrupted country who have little integrity and believe in sabotage, deceipt, deception, stealing magic and honour of the only real person linked to them.

If as navy personnel, you are under an Admiral or Vice Admiral, and they got that position by deceiptly scheming the potential hierarchy that could’ve occurred, then you are corrupted and being lead to your death. I have seen how the bombs drop in World War 3, you are bombed, disentgrated, then sent to hell. If there is a so called leader who steals magic and honour, steals love with water and love with nature and puts that on your uniform, and you wear this uniform, you are bound by this and your fate is to enter a hell realm after you die. Leaders are relevant. If you are lead somewhere by someone, and they are deceptive, tainted, corrupted and have stolen magic and honour that they say you have, then your fate is to enter a hell realm.

The uniform of the AU navy is based on stolen love with water and nature, as is the Queensland Police badge. If you wear this uniform, and myself, the only real Vice Admiral in the world, is not presented with my title for me to have my earnt position, and change the hierarchy of the AU navy to have no admirals and only one vice admiral, myself, if this does not happen, you will be lead to a hell dimension in war. There is no way out of this. I have been told that all magic is stolen, my magic is legitimate, I have never stolen magic (there have been 2 moments where the magic was up for debate) and if the uniform you wear represents that you steal magic and honour, and try to get power from my oceans which I achieved, you will enter a hell dimension, and face great peril and I will likely never free you from this dimension. This is where Junior Miniscule John Mead is leading you. This person is likely from the English Navy, an English Navy spy who is here to infiltrate the AU Navy. You will  regret your decision to be in the AU Navy when you enter the hell dimension. This will only not occur if I get complete rule and control over the AU Navy as Vice Admiral.

The title Vice Admiral can mean anything I want it to be. To me, it was awarded for myself to have complete fleet control during war. To be linked with the oceans and Australian land, and for myself as KING to have a navy fleet. I am KING, I have crowns, badges, glory, magic, might and honour. I am KING, there is no other way for anyone. You will regret being in the AU Navy unless I am awarded Vice Admiral and have the skills to rid the navy of fake ranks. They will be killed.

I achieved the oceans, and even as I type this, corrupted official AU Navy are trying to steal them off of me, as I type this, Junior Miniscule John Mead, and corrupted AU Navy psychologists are working together to scheme me of my magic and honour. Magic is very rare. Honour is supposed to be rare as well. They found out ways to be on my computer, hack my computer, hack my magic, support British Navy tactics on my eyes and magic, and to support corruption on national and international levels. AU Navy, there is no other way, I am the only way as Vice Admiral Nathan William Greenup.

If I achieved the oceans. By using might, love with water, love with nature in a creek at Aspley, Brisbane, there is nothing you can do out in the oceans. Except to go after my power with the oceans. That is what you are doing now, going after my ocean powers. They are not yours, they are mine, you are commoners, peasants, being lead by corruption to your death of entering hell dimensions. This is what will happen to you.

All the fake admirals and vice admirals got together, and went to rape me so bad. They did this because they knew that their ranks were fake, they had bad honour, bad tendencies, evil intentions and went after the only honourable person in the AU Navy. Right now, there would be no honourable people in the AU Navy, as that has been taken from you by fake ranks and psychologists, scheming the oceans which I attained, my magic, my honour.

I have 4 titles, one of them is Vice Admiral. I am absolute. There is no other way for Australian’s then with myself. I do not like Australian’s, as I have been betrayed by most, but I was born in Brisbane and do want to do magic with war in world war 3, which I have already started and was nearly immediately infiltrated by AU Army, who wanted to do it there way, equipping themselves as machines, and thinking by burning engines and oil they could do war, all on the line as well.

The AU Army stole holy attributes off of me, and wanted to do it themselves, even when they knew about me. They then put it on the line. This could mean the end of everything, and this was discussed with me in a magic realm. They are corrupted and live off of rape as their morale.

I achieved the oceans, if I have the oceans, and am in Brisbane being tortured by AU navy, doctors (I am stuck in a prison war camp, but not a bad one) and others, and you are out in the oceans trying to steal the power off of me, then this is going to cost you a lot, a lot more then me being mentally, physically tortured. You will go down hard with the oceans and already have. There are species of fish that go back 200 million years that were re-incarnations of AU Navy. You were tortured for a long time as fish and will continue to be tortured in other realms. If you do not listen to this, and elect me as the real Vice Admiral, then the consequences you face will be highly detrimental to your self. This is reality, there is no other way.

I am writing this in an effort to get awarded my title, Vice Admiral, Nathan William Greenup.

If I do not, I will flee to other countries and do it with Russia or China, and bring great hell to Australians. Australian’s are hated, by Russians, Muslims, Europeans and pretty much everyone else. Australian culture is rape culture, if someone has something, steal it off of them, lock it, then tell everyone how good it is. This is the way it has always been here, and brings great regret to people who get caught up with this.

The AU Navy is my regret. You knew of me, and have done nothing to assist me.

Yesterday, 20/5/22, I was being KING with the flyrexxas (birds) rainbow lorikeets, and Junior Miniscule, went after my connections with them and my magic, to take them away from me, so he could say it was him, and tell everyone how good he was. Stupid lowly Australian’s, you are hated more than anyone. And simulation will not save you in war. I know simulation as well as anyone, it does not grant you war victory. Australian’s always say they win every war they are in, I have WW3 Glory and a medal for killing Captain James Cook in war, I decide your fate Australian’s, you will not win WW3 without me. Your choices are leaving you. You are lead by fake leaders, fake ranks, who get there by going after my abilities, magic, honour. They all knew of me, and all went against it, as AU rape tendencies are prevalent.

I am KING, King William the First, King of Hearts, amongst other things. I am the only way. I am requesting contact from AU Navy Personnel, Ministers, Groups, Individuals, the Governor, Vice Regal, etc, to crown me and award me my titles.

The English have already worked with the NSW Governor, setup their Vice Admiral fraudulently with the Vice Regal, in an effort to take Australia. It is now called New England. There is no Australia really. This is because of what you have done to me. You should form the opinion that I am the only way, and adhere to my requests, lowly commoners.

War is immenent, and I have seen AU Navy go down hard in war, and placed in Hell Dimensions after this.

Navy, Ministers, Citizens of Australia – will you award me my titles and crown me, or face great peril.

I can restore Australis’ sovereignty, but only I can, As King, As Vice Admiral, with the Vice Regal, Governor and AU Navy.

With me, you will have victory, against me you will face peril.

Sincere Salutations, Vice Admiral Nathan William Greenup.

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