Captain Cook Reality

Captain James Cook, supposedly an honourable Captain looking to discover the southern land. In reality, a magic leacher fake king who inadvertently stole a kings badge, that was copied to him but not stolen off of the king.

Captain Cook and his cronies, found out about timing. Captain Cook paused his timing. He is out in the oceans with paused timing, in a dream, a stolen dream of Australis, trying to steal off of Australia any magic, all magic, anything that people have here, and to use the magic back on England.

He is not honourable, he is dishonourable. The endeavour was a fake ship with one thing in mind, finding out all the hidden knowledge of the messiah, stealing magic, saying he was honourable, going after honour. They also went after the sovereignty of inherent Australians/Australisians’ in an effort to take over the country and make it them.  They only found out about the Governor, Vice-Regal from Vice Admiral Nathan William Greenup, and this is how they took the island and turned it into  New England. However, Australia/Australis is still here, 2022 is present day, and if William was crowned king and awarded his badges – networking with one of the Governor’s of AU, then Australia wouldn’t perish. Beware commoners, you are either for the King or against the King. There is no other way besides King William the First.

Him and his cronies trawl the skies of Australia. Most people probably see 1996/1997 skies when there was a king out, King William the First. However the skies the king sees, are trawled skies that are there in an attempt to steal the culture, history, magic, honour off of Australian and present it back to England.

England are corrupted, the cricket, invented by the King, King William the First, King of Hearts, is there now in an effort of England to go after honour, steal honour, and say it is theirs. In about 1995, England put on their fake honour onto the cricket pants of the messiah, saying they did it for the messiah, KING, but in reality it was an effort to take the honour off of the KING. Lich fiends were present in the cricket, and shortly later the messiah was raped in a dream, drink spiked by Australian Army and English Army. This dream was put in a ritual, now the army think it is their morale, going back to that date when the messiah was raped, in an effort for army agenda.

Captain Cook is fake, dishonourable, foul, corrupted, fake king, and the real KING, King William the First (Before the English kings with this name) already has a medal from killing off Captain Cook in World War 3. King William is the only way for Australia. Unless they want to go back to a 1770 reality of a fake English King, James Cook.

If Vice Admiral, Nathan William Greenup, King William the First – has his agenda fulfilled, Australia win the war against England. Elizabeth the First has stated that William will have the crown jewels, Elizabeth the Second has stated that King William is the real king and confirmed this.

Not all England are corrupt. But they are misled by their Army/Military, and the interactions of the AU Army and ENG Army’s in society is rabid, their agenda is to tinker with culture as much as possible. Leading to fake culture’s.

English Soccer is a sworn enemy of the KING’s. It is setup to take magic and power off of the kings. Beware civilians and commoners, support the soccer and the king will go against you.

It is I, Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ.


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