Hello. I am Nathan of York I am seeking my Nathan of York ShortSword that featured with Spyda Dacyfa in Guild Wars 1. I probably had glory with this Short Sword. It was featured with my ranger, an archer, I am William Sagitarius.

I collected the ShortSword from a foe and equipped it and now equip it in person outside of the game, Guild Wars 1.

The sword could be gold, red, green, or silver – in colour.

It has lots and lots of magic with it. It is only a short, ShortSword. If there is a swordmaker somewhere on Earth, in this realm, that can make the sword, who is confident in doing that, or someone who thinks they have the sword, then let me know. william@streetcity.tv or slydanwg@gmail.com . I cannot pay for the sword, but if you have it, and know that it’s mine, I would like to get it off of you. I will trade spiritual gifts for the sword.

I also have a God of Eternity sword, a long sword. It was my first sword afaik. Unless I had a sword when I was younger which likely did. When I was younger. My God of Eternity Sword is long, has dist4inctive markings on the lower half of it, and has eternity and God powers. To me it is black, from power, but may be a white silverish colour.

My crossbow or longbow. Nathan of York, Will I AM sagitarius is seeking my longbow. This must be the best longbow ever made. If you have the best bow ever to be made, maybe made out of gold or platinum, then let me know. As Will I AM Sagitarius I must have the best bow ever to be made on Earth. If you think you could make me this bow, my longbow or crossbow, then let me know. It will give me great pleasures and euphoria in eternity.

God Mace. I have a god mace. It is very powerful. The mace I am seeking is light weight, with wooden handle. I just want a good mace and to call it mine. If you think you could help me with this then let me know.

Holy Sword. I have THE holy sword. If you think you have it, then it is mine. Let me know.

SKY AXE. One of my favourites, up there with my bow. It has Green, Gold, Red, Blue knowledge and magic with it. If you have an extraordinary AXE and it has all these colours or some of these colours, then let me know.

Thank you for reading. My sincerity is full fronted.

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