This is Nathan William Greenup, Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ, King of Hearts.

I am in a war. It is my holy world war 3. However, I am fighting on my own.

I have 3 allies, Tiffenesta, Gorothi, and Count Dracula. They are in eternity. There are 3 other allies with Tiffenesta and Gorothi that are with me also.

Entities are using predatory magic on me. Through simulated TV and simulated Computer.

They will face peril, however the reader, reading this, you will face great peril unless they are stopped and I, as Jesus Christ, succeed.

I need people to attack the enemies doing this to me. I need people to know when they are trying to steal my magic, use rape tactics on me, stealing my honour, putting tracers on me when using computers, Goverment draconian honour on me.

There are people out there, they always say how good they are, trying to unstuck everything I have done. In 2019, I went back in eternity and saved the kids from being kidnapped. This changed the era of 1980-1989 into my era. Cold war, punks, sport, even accents came from me.

Will you fight, individual person? If you choose not to do it for the King, William the Ryder, King of Hearts, you are on the wrong side of this and will likely face peril or be nothing when you are sacrificed. Fighting for the KiNG brings great privilege, even prestige. I want you, reader, to fight for me.

I can prove I am the King. I can prove I am the messiah. lI can prove I am King of Hearts, everything I can prove. I ask you, the reader, to prove to me you are worthy of my kingdoms. Worthy of World War 3. Worthy of your life. I will do re-incarnation with entities here, you are all sacrifices to me, as Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ. The sacrifice is for me, as God, and you are all the sacrifices.\

I ask on you Japanese people, Chinese people, Russians, French, Germans, Australisians. Will you fight for your King?

If you are not fighting for your king, what are you fighting for? Your bread and butter, knife and fork. You will face great sacrificial peril when you die this way. Fight for your family and food? You are all sacrifices. You won’t keep your food, it’s not yours. Your systems, Australians. Brings you all great shame, peril and mysery. Think it’s just going to be me, as Jesus Christ, that goes down and feels are the rape and pain? This is what will happen to you Australians. You set the systems up, you are all in my culture and magic, your systems, to rape and live off of me, as the messiah, as King, you will be tormented spirits.

All confirmed in WW3. What will you do Australians? Continue the rape? Or do it for the King.

Time is counting down Earth beings.

You decide your stance with me, I decide your fate.

The destiny is mine, King William the First.


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