I am the Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ.

There is only one Messiah, it is I, Nathan of York, William the Ryder.

On the 18/4/2008 I levitated in my sleep and absorbed the holy light after being in a holy dream and writing poetry the night before. I had the truth, the lineage and the suffering and this enabled me to levitate in my sleep. This was captured by ASIO on video.

There is proof that I am the messiah. ASIO, the spy agency in Australia, have my levitation on video showing the Holy Light go into my body, in a holy dream, when I was asleep.

The Holy Light was the most powerful thing ever to exist. The euphoria that I felt when being with the Holy Light was the biggest ecstasy there ever was.

I did not know I was God then, and didn’t know the Holy Light was honour and magic.

I used to go to the cathedrals and churches trying to see if people would talk to me, I was channeling the holy light, it was visible, they should’ve noticed but no one would talk to me.

This may be because I am on a secret ASIO file so no one notices me, they don’t talk to me, never seen by anyone really. .

I am God of Eternity. I have a video proving the Holy Light, levitation, the supernatural, afterlife, and eternity. I am also the first and want to think only person to go back in eternity to stop ASIO kidnapping in 1989 in Arana Hills, Brisbane.

Now people go back in time all the time. I was the first and only legitimate person to do this. I want to think I am the only person to go back in Eterntiy, but I was the first to do this.

I have several God forms. God of Eternity. God of the Universe. God of the Stars. Green God. God of War. God of Power and Love. And other forms.

This is all true and reality for Nathan William Greenup. I do not lie, this is fact and has been attained by me.

Please join the forum if you would like to ask me anything or start communications.

William the Ryder.