Hello. It is I, King William the First, Chosen One Messiah Jesus Christ.

I encourage people to use protective magic on myself.

I am going through great distraught, facing predatory magic on me, to take my brain, to take my magic, to hurt my body.

I need more psyonic energy for my brain. I need my ocean magic to find me again. I need my holy light to return. I want to keep my star magic, nayture magic, and for it to return to me.

I am looking for people who like to do good deeds towards me, to have understanding of Queensland Police, Queensland Health, spies, CIA, Mi5 others, who have used predatory magic on me, to understand them, and to counter or target what they do.

If you do I will find favour with the skies. ocean, nayture and sun again. You will be rewarded in other life times.

I call on you people of Australis, Australia, Brisbane, to help me out by stopping the predatory magic on me.

Feel free to give me dreams, talk to me psychically, and to work for me. There are Earth rewards for this.

Why Thank You, William.