NCYP is hosted by Nathan of York, celebrating the crowning of the King, King William the First, King of Hearts, Chosen One of the Universe, Spydacyfa, Geo Dacyfa.

As of 13/4/22, William is still looking for his crown. It has been found, and attempted to be stolen by an imposter, but I am still looking.

The party, should feature prominent artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus. And Australian groups such as Funkoars and Def Wish Cast, who are prominent Australian Hip Hop Groups.

We will try to host bmx, skateboarding, mma fights and have camping grounds and areas for boats.

Nathan of York/William the First, is seeking funding from Saudi Royals, Pakistan and Indian cricket supporters, Chinese business men and women and anyone interested in hosting one of 21st century’s biggest events.

We will need big money to attract Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. We will try and get punk bands, and need to setup a skatepark and mma ring.

If anyone with links to Pride FC want to help with the MMA that would be great.

There will be disputes at this event. Navy Personnel will be there. Nathan of York is also Vice Admiral of Australis. The first and only Vice Admiral.

Greetings. welcome to join us in 2023 for the biggest event in Australis of the decade. will likely feature first as an encore and prelude of

Cya guys., +61 0432 969 675. Call for information about the event and for funding opportunities.